Is a Candidate the Right Fit For You? How to Make the Right Choice


As a hiring manager, you invest a lot into finding candidates, reviewing resumes, and conducting interviews. This all leads up to decision time and making your final pick. If you’re lucky, one particular candidate stands out above the rest. However, in most cases, it takes some assessing and consideration of multiple candidates. And if you… Read more »

5 Types of People to Include on Your Professional Reference List


Job References

When it comes to landing a job, it takes more than a great resume and a strong interview performance. You need to have the right professional references in place. This shouldn’t be simply a list of people who know you. Instead, you need to be strategic about the references you provide, even giving different lists… Read more »

5 Tips for Recruiting Candidates on LinkedIn


In theory, you know LinkedIn is a good place to network and find good candidates. But in practice, how do you actually do it? By following these 5 tips: #1: Get active in groups. Don’t just post a job opening and sit back to wait for the resumes to roll in. Rather, LinkedIn is all… Read more »