Hiring? Don’t Make These Common Mistakes

The hiring process is riddled with potential obstacles and landmines. Add to that the candidate mask, and it can be difficult to uncover the truth behind each person you’re evaluating. While hiring the right candidate is never a guarantee, even with the most meticulous approach, there are some common mistakes companies make that you can avoid. Here are 4 of them to help you hire right the first time.

#1: Hiring in Haste.

When you need to fill a position fast, it’s easy to overlook red flags. This can lead to a costly hiring mistake. To avoid this, be proactive about building a candidate network that you can turn to when you do need to hire. Rather than hiring out of desperation, you can access qualified candidates to consider for your opening.

Another tip? Work with a staffing agency to help fill the role temporarily until you can find the best-fit, full-time hire for the position.

#2: Hiring Without Certainty.

Before you even post the job opening, you must have clarity about the role and the expectations for it. Otherwise, you’re not going to be able to spot the right candidate for the position.

To do this, take a step back and work to define the role, the goals, how progress will be measured, and any other key details. Also, clarify the personality that will mesh well with the position and with the company culture.

#3: Hiring with Bias.

Unconscious biases are common pitfalls in the hiring process. This can happen when a candidate comes to you who went to the same college as you or has a similar background or mutual connections. You might unconsciously feel more comfortable with this person and be more apt to hire them, even if they’re not the best candidate for the job. It’s why working with a hiring committee to fill mission-critical roles is always best.

#4: Hiring Without Checking References.

This is one of the biggest mistakes employers make during the hiring process. Just because a candidate looks great on paper and interviews well does not mean they can meet expectations on the job. It is imperative that you speak with past managers and colleagues to gain a true sense of this candidate and their performance. Doing so can be the difference between dodging a bullet and hiring an exceptional candidate.

Want to Skip These Mistakes Altogether?

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