The Problem With Too Many Rounds of Job Interviews

Hiring the right candidate is vital for business success. You want to take a thoughtful and careful approach, as a result. However, if you’re interviewing candidates and taking too long, you can actually lose out on your top picks rather than finding the perfect candidate. So how many interviews are too many and how do you strike a balanced, effective approach to recruiting?

How Many Job Interviews Should You Conduct?

The answer depends on the position you’re hiring for. If it’s an entry level job or one that doesn’t require a lot of experience, then conducting one to two interviews should be enough to get a handle on the candidate and whether they’re the right fit for you. You can also consider conducting a phone screen ahead of an in-person interview to filter out weak candidates.

If you’re hiring for a senior level position, then obviously you’ll need more interviews. However, don’t take it too far with five or six rounds. You’ll wind up turning off the very candidates you want to hire. The stakes are high when your company is hiring, but there’s also a lot of competition for the best candidates. If the hiring process is too long and cumbersome, top-tier candidates will accept other offers.

Tips for Streamlining the Job Interview Process

In order to get the most from the time you spend with candidates, make interviews as efficient as possible. For instance, rather than scheduling a separate interview and company tour, combine the two into a half-day interview, during which your top candidates meet with the hiring committee and tour the office. Focus on keeping the time you do spend with each candidate as streamlined as possible.

Also, work toward making a fast hiring decisions. The longer it takes, the higher your chance of missing out on your top-pick candidate. Once the hiring panel is agreed, reach out to the candidate of choice and extend an offer. Don’t wait and put it off. If you do, ask yourself why. Perhaps you really haven’t found the person you feel confident in for the position.

Whatever you do, don’t keep candidates waiting. They could be a great fit for a future role at your company and you want them to have a positive, transparent experience with your company. So if you don’t plan to hire them, let them know as soon as possible.

Need Help Hiring Efficiently?

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