Tricky Job Interview Questions: “What Are You Passionate About?”

When you land a job interview, investing in prep time is essential. Beyond researching the company and their culture, you should also be ready to answer a range of different interview questions…some trickier than others. One such job interview question that can stump candidates is: what are you passionate about? If you’re not prepared for it, it can cause you to stumble. Here’s why employers ask it and the best responses to give.

What’s the Reason to Ask This Job Interview Question?

When a hiring manager asks you this interview question, it’s typically to get to know you and what motivates you. Your answer will give them some insight into whether you’d be a fit for the company culture and the leadership team. It also helps them figure out what your big picture career goals are, so you can then assess whether they’d be able to help you achieve them.

What Are The Best Responses for It?

There are several ways to answer this question, but the goal should be to come off as authentic and honest. So think about areas that are important to you, whether in your work or personal life. If you are passionate about learning new things, for instance, then discuss the ways you do this with specific examples and how this helps you stand out out as a strong candidate.

What Are Some Examples of Responses to This Question?

If you’re not sure how to respond when a hiring manager asks you this question, here’s a look at an example:

I’m a people person and love to get to know others and build relationship with them. It’s a source of pride for me that all my past managers and colleagues are willing to provide a positive referral on my behalf. I think this speaks volumes about how I treat people and my passion for building relationships that lead to business success.”

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