Do Your Employees Really Know You Appreciate Them? Here’s How to Tell

Your employees are invaluable to your organization. Yet, do they know you appreciate them? You might assume they do, but the unfortunate news is that many employees are disengaged due to a lack of recognition and appreciation.

What are some signs that your employees are feeling undervalued and underappreciated? Here are a few red flags:.

  • Less interest in their job. If your once-enthusiastic employee seems depleted, it could be due to a lack of acknowledgement.
  • Reduced morale. If your employees don’t seem to care about their work quality or whether or not you’re satisfied with it, it’s a big red flag that they’re losing morale.
  • More mistakes. When an employee who usually performs well suddenly starts making mistakes over and over, it’s a telltale sign they’re burning out.
  • Less productivity. If your productivity numbers are running low and there are more absences and sick days than ever, your employees are feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated.
  • Higher turnover. If you suddenly notice higher-than-normal turnover, it could be people leaving due to a lack of engagement.

The #1 easiest way to show your appreciation.

So how do you turn the situation around? Start simply by saying thank you. When you show your appreciation for your employees, they will feel more valued, loyal, and engaged as a result. This translates into better retention, fewer mistakes, and happier customers.

Thanking your employees might feel difficult or awkward at first. However, when you do it more often, it becomes a habit. You just have to take the first step and begin. There are many ways to show your appreciation to your employees, including:

  • A quick email to compliment an employee on a job well done
  • Weekly or monthly meetings with your team that includes acknowledgements of successes and achievements of various members
  • Creating a recognition channel on whatever communication software you use, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, so you can highlight wins
  • Scheduling quarterly L10-style meetings where employees discuss their wins, both personal and professional, so you can offer feedback

When it comes to recognition, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on perks and benefits. Just letting an employee know you value them and the impact they are having on the company will go a long way in boosting their engagement and happiness on the job.

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