Do More Than Offer Jobs, But Opportunities

When it comes to sourcing top candidates, it’s important to focus on more than a list of skills and tasks. Instead, when advertising a job and interviewing for certain requirements, focus on the opportunity – and the rewards and benefits it could offer a potential new hire.

Today’s candidates want more than just good pay and benefits; they want opportunities that provide:


Attracting the right-fit people for your job openings means offering some flexibility, depending on the nature of the position. This can include remote positions, hybrid schedules, and flex hours. With technology today, offering scheduling flexibility is easier than ever and can mean the difference between securing your first-choice candidate and hiring the second-best.

Employee development.

Another key area top candidates want to know about is training and development. What do you offer to employees to help them obtain new skills, broaden their horizons, and advance their careers, all while having a positive impact on the company?

When you offer robust employee training and development opportunities, whether it’s online training, stretch assignments, tuition reimbursement, or mentoring programs, the best candidates will be more likely to apply to your jobs. Make sure you’re discussing and promoting these opportunities during the recruiting and interviewing process so top-tier candidates are aware of them.

Internal promotions.

Most employees don’t stay with a company for more than a couple of years. What is the best way to improve retention? Promoting from within. This is a win for employees and a win for your company.

Employees see room for growth and career advancement. At the same time, your company can fill job openings with those who can hit the ground running with less of a learning curve. This translates into higher retention rates and a happier workforce.

Rewards and recognitions.

In addition to promotions, make sure you’re recognizing and rewarding your top performers for a job well done. When you have a culture of praise and celebrating the “wins,” the best people will want to work for and remain with your company. It’s an effective tool for recruiting talented candidates and also retaining your strongest team members.

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