Why the Candidate Experience Matters So Much in 2024

From the “Great Resignation” to “quiet quitting” and “candidate ghosting,” employees and candidates are sending the message that they aren’t satisfied. If you need to hire in the year ahead, it’s therefore important to focus on your candidate hiring experience and make sure it’s as simple, effective, and candidate-focused as possible.

The result? A candidate-centric approach will attract not only more candidates but also better-qualified ones. This makes the recruitment process simpler and more effective.

The question is: how do you cultivate a positive candidate experience, one that resonates with job seekers? Here are some steps to take that will help you make your case for top candidates.

Refresh your career website.

Refresh your company’s website or page with new information. Add imagery in the form of photos and videos, as well as details about the culture and even employee-authored blogs. This will help give candidates a better look into the company and its culture, attracting better-fit professionals in the process.

Optimize your career site.

In addition to refreshing your career website content, make sure it’s accessible and user-friendly across all platforms, including desktops, mobile devices, and tablets. The vast majority of candidates use their phones for job searches and applications, so ensuring they view your jobs and apply on their mobile devices is key to your hiring success.

Showcase your company on social media.

Tap the power of social media to infuse personality into your company’s social media profiles. Share video tours of your office, highlight news events or upcoming job fairs, and discuss the perks and benefits of working for your team. This allows you to build relationships with active candidates as well as passive ones, improving engagement and recruitment efforts.

Craft compelling job descriptions.

Your job descriptions should be both clear and enticing, outlining essential requirements without going overboard. Keep it to the top 3–5 requirements while also showcasing why candidates would want to work for your company.

Transparently discuss salary and benefits.

While many companies treat salary and benefits as confidential, sharing this information helps manage expectations. Post a salary range and outline the benefits offered, so that candidates understand what you’re offering. This helps narrow the talent pool and ensures the best-fit candidates apply.

Streamline the application process.

A convoluted and lengthy application process confuses candidates. Instead, focus on simplifying the application process. If completion rates are low, try to identify why and address any obstacles to improve conversion rates.

Maintain consistent communication.

Keep candidates informed at every stage, starting from the application process through interviews. Inform them as quickly as you can if they are not selected, provide updates on when decisions will be made, and communicate about any additional requirements or follow-up interviews.

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