The Secret to Faster, Easier Hiring? Work With a Staffing Agency

The competition for top candidates is fierce. But you don’t want to sacrifice quality to hire quickly. The question is: How can you do both—hire in a timely manner while still getting the talented professionals you need? The simplest way is by partnering with a staffing agency.

Staffing Agency Advantages

By working with a staffing agency, you’re doing far more than hiring a recruiter to help fill an empty seat. A team at a staffing agency can offer a range of benefits, including:

Access to a more robust candidate network.

Recruiters are always building relationships with candidates. As a result, they have a robust network of pre-qualified job seekers who could be a great fit for your next job opening. They also have a network of passive candidates to tap and source the right-fit individuals from, giving you easier access to more top-quality candidates.

Faster time-to-hire.

As a result, this can lead to a faster hiring process. When a staffing agency can source and screen candidates for you quickly, you can skip the online job postings, reviewing resumes, and conducting phone screens. They handle these tasks and simply send you the top-fit candidates to interview. These are professionals you know who have already been carefully vetted and who are a fit for your needs.

A more thorough screening process.

Recruiters are also highly experienced when it comes to screening candidates. This includes everything from performing effective interviews to testing for a range of skills and checking references. Most can offer you other services, too, like background checks and drug testing. This gives you peace of mind about the candidates you’re considering hiring.

Less chance of a hiring mistake.

All of this leads to a reduced chance of a hiring mistake. In addition, a reputable recruiter from a staffing agency will work to get to know your company’s culture, leadership, and staffing needs. This further helps to ensure they’re finding the right people for you.

Ready for help from a professional staffing agency?

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