The Benefits of Temp-to-Hire Staffing


Have you ever wanted to try out a candidate before extending a full-time offer? You know hiring mistakes are expensive, and this would allow you to evaluate a candidate on the job before making a full-time hiring decision. The good news is that you can with temp-to-hire staffing. Here’s what it is and the ways you can benefit from it.

What is Temp-to-Hire Staffing?

With a temp-to-hire staffing arrangement, you hire a candidate for an agreed-upon period of time. For instance, usually around 90 days. During that time period, the individual is employed by the staffing agency. If you decide to hire them after the trial period, you would become the employer.

During this process, you’re able to assess their job performance, personality, and work ethic, without adding to your fixed overhead. As a result, you can avoid expensive mistakes and make sure they are a fit for your team.

What if they aren’t? If they’re not a fit, then after the trial period, you would simply end the arrangement. The staffing agency will let the candidate know that they weren’t extended a full-time offer, and you can continue to search for the right-fit person. You can both move on and go your separate ways without a major commitment.

What Are the Benefits of Temp-to-Hire Staffing?

There are a range of advantages to opting for temp-to-hire staffing. When you are able to avoid a hiring mistake, you can also cut down on the costs associated with one. You can also avoid the hit to morale and productivity that also comes with making a hiring mistake.

Another benefit is peace of mind. When you do extend a full-time offer, you’ll have confidence knowing the person can perform the job, is a fit for the team, and will become a valuable contributor.

Finally, with temp-to-hire staffing, you can also avoid the #1 reason why new hires quit: lack of cultural fit. Many times, new employees start a job only to realize after a few weeks that it’s not the right fit for them. With temp-to-hire staffing, it also gives the employee the chance to ensure the job is right for them and they want to stay on after the trial period. Therefore it’s a win for everyone.

Want to Take Advantage of Temp-to-Hire Staffing?

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