Have You Kept Your Career New Year Resolutions?

With summer wrapping up and autumn just ahead, now is a good time for a career check-up. If you set goals at the start of the year, where are you in terms of achieving them? Has your situation changed, or are you on track toward meeting your end-of-year objectives? Whatever the case, here are some steps for performing a check-up on your career resolutions, so you can get ahead.

Step #1: Re-prioritize goals.

Read through your career resolutions and makes sure they are still in the right priority order. If not, modify your resolutions to ensure they reflect where you are currently. This will help to ensure you complete 2023 without losing focus and in a strong place.

Step #2: Measure progress.

If you set career goals and are working toward achieving them, now is a good time to check your progress. Are you meeting deadlines? Have timeframes changed due to an unexpected event? Are your goals different now than they were six months ago? Make changes to your plan, so it’s completely up to date.

Step #3: Be honest with yourself.

Don’t set a goal you know you won’t achieve. This will set you up for failure and disappointment. Instead, if you have a resolution and it’s clear you won’t accomplish it by the end of the year, revise it. Perhaps you need to break the goal into smaller pieces so it’s easier to achieve. Or maybe something unexpected got in the way and you simply need to rework the timeframe.

Step #4: Ask for accountability.

If you haven’t already, ask your spouse, partner, friend, or family member to help you achieve your goals. Tell this person about your goals, which will make you more accountable for achieving them. If you keep them to yourself, it’s easier to lose sight of them and avoid making progress in meeting them. This person can also serve as a source of encouragement and support during the process.

Step #5: Reward yourself.

If you realize you’re in a great spot and on track toward achieving your career resolutions, then congratulations! Treat yourself to something special. You earned it.

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