The 4 Best Ways to Promote Your Jobs to Candidates

If your company is like most, you’re focused on what kinds of skills and experience you need from a candidate when hiring. However, in today’s competitive marketplace, top talent is in demand. As a result, you also have to promote your position in a way that attracts and appeals to them. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with second-choice candidates and new hires.

To help you in the process, here’s how to position your opportunity and promote it to candidates so your top pick accepts the offer.

#1: Ask your team.

Your first stop should be to your employees. Ask them about what they like most about working for the company or in their roles. This will give you a clear sense of what to focus on during the candidate search, whether it’s your company culture and leadership, challenging assignments and interesting work, or a unique office environment.

#2: Identify what makes your jobs appealing.

Do you pay for employee gym memberships? Do you offer the ability to work from home or on a hybrid schedule? Are your healthcare or retirement benefits better than your competition’s? These are areas to promote in the job description and during the hiring process so you attract the best people.

#3: Focus on values.

Another area to focus on during the hiring process is company values. What do they look like, and how do your people live them out each day on the job? You can promote these on social media, the company website and blog, and in other ways, such as job postings. Even better, feature employees talking about these values and what they mean to them.

#4: Offer a simple candidate experience.

If you’re a great company to work for, yet your hiring process is long, complicated, and cumbersome for candidates – or you don’t return their emails or phone calls – it sends a different message. Make sure the process is simple and straightforward for candidates. This will reflect well on your company brand and can lead to a great new hire.

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