Your Team Needs a Training Plan. Here’s How to Create One.

School’s still out, but that doesn’t mean your employees should stop learning. In fact, the more you invest in their development, the more productive, engaged, and satisfied they’ll be on the job. It’s truly a win for everyone. To help you get started in creating a training plan that actually works for your company and your team, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Talk to your team.

Before you get started, ask your employees for input. Are there certain areas they want to learn more about? Are there skills or technologies they want to explore and potentially become certified or more literate in? Are there areas where they don’t feel well-equipped? This feedback will be the foundation of your training plan.

Tip #2: Evaluate your needs.

Before creating a training plan, another area to focus on is your skill gaps and future hiring needs. This will inform you in terms of areas that employees need to be trained in. Be sure to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of each team and look for areas where you know you’re going to need more knowledge or more skilled people. This too, will help you identify where to focus on in training.

Tip #3: Check for compliance issues.

Another area to ensure your employees are trained regularly on involves compliance. For instance, require every new employee to read and sign the employee handbook so they understand what is expected of them. Also, offer regular cyber security training to ensure people at every level of your organization know how to keep confidential data safe.

Tip #4: Offer different mediums.

Offer a range of different ways to learn, from online learning to in-person or off-site opportunities. Not everyone learns or is engaged in the same ways. So it’s important to provide everything from how-to videos and informational articles, to live demos, webinars, brown bag lunch seminars, off-site conferences, and more.

Tip #5: Track efforts.

Once you have a training plan in place, track and measure the results. This will help you determine what’s working and what’s not, so you can make modifications where needed.

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