Candidate Red Flags: How to Spot Them Before You Make a Hiring Mistake

Interviewing is tricky, considering candidates are putting their best foot forward. If their resume looks great and they offer all the right interview answers, there is still no guarantee they’re a strong hire. The good news? There are some ways to spot a potential bad hire and poor performer, so you don’t extend an opportunity to them. To help, here are a few tips to put to use.

Develop a hiring team.

Don’t handle the hiring alone. Create a team with players from HR, leadership, potential co-workers, and others that can offer more perspective. They’ll often ask questions you didn’t think about or notice a warning sign you didn’t see. On the flip side, they can give you insight into who is the best-fit person for the role so you make an informed hiring decision.

Use behavior-based questions.

Don’t simply ask general questions, but behavior-based ones. This will force candidates to offer you specific examples of the value they can bring to the table. They’ll have to discuss real-world situations, so you can better assess their ability to communicate, collaborate, and be a positive, contributing team player.

Inquire about challenging situations.

There are many potential bad hires that can make a great impression. However, when you dig deeper and ask about challenging situations, mistakes, or weaknesses, they’ll often buckle. Look for those candidates with humility who are honest and authentic. Those that can’t come up with a weakness or mistake are likely hiding something.

Look for warning signs.

When you’re desperate to hire, you might be tempted to sweep warning signs under the rug. But anything from showing up a few minutes late to talking badly about a past employer or co-worker are examples that should set off warning bells. You want people who are positive employees and professional at all times, not those who are going to be a toxic addition to the team.

Check those references.

This is one step that you should never skip. Check references for all your top pick candidates. Ask for at least three of them. It’s worth the time and effort. You’ll either gain peace of mind about your hiring choice or uncover a red flag. Whatever happens, it’s time well spent considering what’s at stake.

Get help with hiring.

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