How to Create More Than Jobs, But Opportunities

Today’s top candidates want more than just a job. They want an opportunity that helps them grow, learn, and make a positive impact. It’s why, when you offer opportunities, not just open seats, you can attract higher caliber candidates.

Obviously, pay and benefits are a critical part of this. But beyond compensation, there’s more you can offer to potential new hires and your existing team so you recruit and retain top-tier talent. Here are some tips to get started.

Offer development and training.

The best people want more than just a list of tasks to tackle. They want to be learning and growing through formal training, mentoring, and development opportunities, as well as stretch assignments and more. When you have a reputation for investing in your people, top candidates will want to work for you.

Promote from within.

Another key strategy is an internal promotion process. If you’re investing in development and training, then it makes sense to promote from that pool of existing employees. They will require less training and onboarding and also come with little risk of a hiring mistake.

At the same time, you’re sending the message that there’s upward mobility at your company. This too, will help you further attract and retain the brightest candidates.

Provide flexible work options.

In today’s world, offering flexible scheduling is a must, from remote and hybrid work arrangements to flex scheduling. Even if you need staff on-site, allowing them to have some flexibility with their hours will go a long way in keeping them engaged.

If they can work remotely, giving them the opportunity to do so – even if they don’t take it – can also boost productivity and loyalty. This is because it will help employees maintain a better work-life balance, so they’re happier and more engaged at work.

Reward and recognize your people.

Make sure you’re offering rewards and recognition. Your people want to know that you appreciate their efforts, so even just a few words of thanks or a short email can go a long way in making employees feel good. This too, will improve your employer brand, so it’s more attractive to the best candidates.

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