Are You Making These Common Retention Mistakes?

Are You Making These Common Retention Mistakes

Your employees are the most valuable part of your business. Yet, if they’re not happy, they’ll jump ship and take your productivity and profits with them.

On top of that, due to the pandemic and Great Resignation, along with trends like Quiet Quitting, it’s harder than ever to find solid performers. It’s far easier to hold on to the ones you do have and keep them eager, engaged, and motivated.

To do that, make sure you’re avoiding these mistakes:

Hiring in a hurry.

If you hire quickly, you could bring someone on board that’s not a fit for the team. Not only will this impact morale, but if they quit, then you have to start the hiring process all over again. It’s best, instead, to be thorough and careful from the start, so you can prevent a mistake.

Lack of competitive compensation and salary.

If your salary or compensation is stagnant, then employees are going to look elsewhere for jobs that pay them more. Beyond good pay, they also want generous benefits, from health insurance to dental insurance, retirement benefits, and more. If you’re not offering a competitive compensation package, your employees will leave for companies that do.

Not offering a flexible schedule.

Today’s employees want to work on a schedule and in a way that fits their life. This is not possible for every position or industry. However, if it is for yours – and you’re not offering remote work or hybrid or flex scheduling – it will impact retention.

No internal promotions.

When employees don’t see a future at your company due to a lack of career progression, they’re not going to stay on board for long. Instead, invest in employee training and development, mentoring programs, and stretch assignments, and promote from within. You’ll keep your best performers on staff, moving up the leadership ladder.

An unhealthy work culture.

Whether managers treat people unfairly or there’s a lot of gossip and backstabbing, it can impact an employee’s overall well-being. If your culture could use a boost, then take some time to find out why and ways to fix it.

No feedback.

If employees never know where they stand, it’s hard to perform at their best. Don’t wait until a mistake is made or an issue arises. Instead, offer regular feedback, clear goals and expectations, and timelines for meeting them. This will give employees the clarity they need to stay engaged and on track.

Let PrideStaff help.

If you’re making these mistakes, it’s time to step back and evaluate how to improve your retention. If part of the problem is due to hiring or lack of manpower, PrideStaff can help.

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