Warning! 6 Signs of Employee Burnout

Warning! 6 Signs of Employee Burnout

When you’re an employer, it’s easy to focus entirely on productivity numbers. Yet, employee burnout is real and affecting more and more workers. In fact, a Deloitte survey recently reported that 64% of today’s employees are feeling more stressed out and exhausted than ever. As a result, it can lead to tangible and adverse effects at work, including:

#1: Higher absentee numbers.

If employees are overworked and tired, they are more vulnerable to sickness or just plain lack of motivation and morale. This can lead to a bump in sick days and a hit to your productivity.

#2: Injuries or accidents.

When employees are burned out, it can impact their ability to concentrate. As a result, they could make a dangerous mistake and even cause a serious accident on the job.

#3: A change in behavior.

If your star employee is suddenly underperforming, unprepared for meetings, and making mistakes, it’s a red flag, and it affects the whole team. Other signs include tardiness, inability to make a decision, and moodiness.

#4: Disengagement.

When it suddenly seems like an employee doesn’t care, it’s an early warning sign of burnout. Other similar symptoms can be a lack of participation in meetings, not returning emails or responding to phone calls and a lack of motivation and enthusiasm. These can all have a big impact on productivity, customer retention, employee morale, and profits.

#5: An increase in conflict on the job.

Clashes at work are unavoidable. However, if you’re noticing a sudden influx, it could be due to a team running on empty. This can trigger irritability, anger, resentment, and a general increase in conflict in the workplace.

#6: Adverse reaction to feedback.

When an employee suddenly is highly sensitive to feedback, it could be because they are overworked and burned out. They might take your criticism as unfair treatment, leading to disengagement and even turnover.

If you’re seeing signs like these, it’s a good time to talk with your employees. Ask about how they’re doing and whether they’re feeling burned out or stressed. Work with them to come up with a plan to resolve burnout and give employees the resources they need to stay energized and motivated on the job.

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