How to Take an “OK” Candidate Experience & Make It Outstanding

How to Take an OK Candidate Experience & Make It Outstanding

The experience a candidate has with your company is critical. It can impact the quality of your new hires and your brand’s reputation. It’s why investing efforts to improve it makes sense. To help you take an OK experience and transform it into something great, here are four simple tips to follow.

#1: Be transparent.

From what you post on social media to the information you offer during an interview, be honest and transparent with candidates. Explain what to expect during the process so there aren’t surprises. Also, respond to candidate questions promptly and be honest about the ups and downs of the role so the best-fit candidate is hired.

#2: Create a hiring panel.

If only one person is doing the hiring, unconscious bias can infiltrate. Instead, when you create a panel to hire, include the department head, an HR rep, and a potential co-worker; you can avoid bias and gain more insight into each candidate. This will help you to find the candidate with the right skills and personality for the job and the company.

#3: Don’t substitute technology for human interaction.

While technology is a valuable tool in the hiring process, it shouldn’t be the only way candidates are being communicated with. Make sure you are reaching them with phone calls, texts, and emails to keep them updated on the next steps.

If a candidate is invited in for an interview, make them feel at home. Give them an office tour, introduce them to a key point person in HR for them to forward any questions to, and take other steps to make them feel welcome. Make your candidate experience as human as possible.

#4: Promote the perks.

During the hiring process, don’t just discuss the role and requirements. Talk about your company and the perks of working there. What’s the culture like? What are some unique benefits? Why would a candidate want to choose your job as their next career step?

In everything you do, make sure each candidate is treated respectfully and professionally each step of the way, so whether they are hired or not, they are left with a favorable impression.

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