Summer’s Around the Corner! Get 7 Seasonal Hiring Tips

Summer Hiring Tips

Spring just arrived, so you might not be thinking yet about summer. However, in the blink of an eye, it will be here, and so too will your need for seasonal workers. Instead of being left to scramble, start planning now so you can hire the best professionals and meet customer demand. Here are 7 steps to help you.

#1: Edit your job posting.

Don’t reuse the same posting for your jobs that you use every year. Take a look at the posting and edit it to ensure it’s as clear and compelling as possible. Is it highlighting the requirements, discussing perks and benefits, and offering an easy way to apply? If not, then you have some work to do.

#2: Communicate the hours.

If the hours are non-traditional, such as nights or weekends, or you need workers who can be on call, communicate that clearly. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with staffing challenges during the height of your busiest season.

#3: Promote your job in the right places.

Make sure you’re posting the jobs in the places where they will get the most attention and traction. This includes social media, college career websites, major job boards, and also at career fairs or college recruiting events. Be clear that the position is temporary or seasonal so you find the right-fit candidates with accurate expectations.

#4: Ask employees to share the job.

Reach out to your existing staff and ask them to share the job opening with their social media network. Word-of-mouth and referrals are still the best ways to find fresh talent. Referrals could even lead to a temporary worker who turns into your next great full-time hire.

#5: Screen resumes quickly.

Screening resumes eats up a lot of time. Before you begin, streamline the process by creating a checklist of what you’re looking for. You can refer to this as you’re reading each resume so you can quickly identify whether a candidate is the right fit.

#6: Interview and skill test candidates.

Once you have a few top contenders in place, interview each one, asking the same questions. This way, you can compare them quickly and continue to narrow your list. If there’s a certain skill that’s necessary, make sure you conduct skills testing to verify a candidate can do what they claim.

#7: Offer training and onboarding.

Just like with your full-time employees, train and onboard temporary workers. The process might not be as intensive; however, it’s critical to ensure they are prepared and able to get up and running quickly. They will get acclimated faster, so they can get to work sooner.

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