How a Staffing Agency Can Save You Time This Spring

Save Time

Hiring new members for your team takes a lot of time. From writing the job description to promoting your opening, screening resumes, interviewing, skills testing, and more, it’s an intensive process. After all that, there’s also no guarantee you’ll find the right-fit individual for your needs.

The good news? There is a better way to deal with the hassle of hiring: with a staffing agency. When you partner with a professional firm, they can handle many time-consuming steps in hiring, so you simply get a few top candidates to choose from. These are pre-qualified individuals who meet your hiring requirements. Overall, this helps you:

Hire faster.

When you hand off your staffing needs to an agency, your chances of finding a talented candidate are higher. This is simply because recruiters spend their time networking and building solid pipelines of qualified candidates. They might even have someone in mind right away to meet your needs. Even if they don’t, they will have a broad network of active and passive candidates they can tap to help you speed up the hiring process.

Avoid wasting time.

The quest to find the right candidate can be frustrating, especially when you get hundreds of resumes. You might spend a lot of time screening each one, only to realize they are from unqualified applicants. With a staffing agency in place, though, you can avoid screening resumes and focus your time and energy on other business priorities. Meanwhile, your recruiting team will source candidates and screen resumes until they find the right ones to interview.

Prevent a bad hire.

If you make a hiring mistake, it’s a huge waste of time. Not only are you back at square one in terms of hiring, but productivity and morale often take a hit when this happens. Mistakes in hiring are not only major time wasters but expensive too, which is where a staffing agency can help. They’ll prevent you from making hiring mistakes through a proven process, one often backed by a guarantee.

Skip scrambling to hire.

Have you ever needed to hire someone fast, unexpectedly or for a short period of time? When you work with a staffing agency, you don’t have to be left scrambling in these situations. They can send you one temporary worker or an entire team of them to meet your staffing needs. Whether an employee is out on leave, it’s your busy season, or there’s a spike in work, you can spend your time strategizing and motivating instead of scrambling to fill empty seats.

Ready to work with a staffing agency in Phoenix?

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