4 Simple Tips for Showing Your Employees More Appreciation This Year

Employee Appreciation

The past few years have posed a challenge for many businesses with more uncertainty ahead. However, one indisputable fact is that you need strong employees and a top-performing team in order to increase productivity, achieve company goals, and maintain a competitive edge.

It’s where employee appreciation comes in and why it’s more important than ever to show how much you value your people. Here are 4 simple ways to do it more often.

Get to know your people better.

Strive to get to know each member of your team on a more personal level. Take them for coffee or meet for lunch. Learn about them outside of work and what’s important to them both on the job and at home. When you have a bigger picture sense of each person on your team, you’ll understand what motivates them and how to help them reach their potential. This, in turn, can boost your bottom line.

Say thanks more often.

Commit to telling your people you appreciate them for a job well done. Whether they met a goal, delivered under budget, or won a new client, simply the act of acknowledging them can go a long way in making them feel valued. So if you’re not in the habit of thanking your employees, now’s the time to start.

Treat your team.

For instance, host a lunch on a Friday and give them the rest of the day off. Or schedule an employee appreciation day where you leave the office and do something fun together. Other options include spending time volunteering together, giving back to the community, and forging stronger connections with your staff as you do.

Provide opportunities to advance.

The best people on your team want to get ahead. If you don’t offer room for advancement, they’ll move on. So make sure they know about opportunities for training and development, as well as the potential for promotions. Promote from within whenever you can and retain your top performers.

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