Returning to School? Consider a Temp Job

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If you’re headed back to school to make a career change this semester, you still need to earn an income. A temp job offers the opportunity to enjoy a flexible schedule, earn money, plus network, and gain new skills. Here’s a look at some of the many advances you can enjoy with temporary jobs.

Experience different industries and environments.

If you don’t have a lot of work experience and aren’t sure what kind of company you want to eventually work for, temporary jobs give you a chance to try out a range of employers in various industries. You can find out if you like large or small companies better, formal or casual workplace cultures, and which industry interests you most. Once you graduate, you can then pursue a better-fit opportunity.

Work in a flexible way.

Temp jobs are flexible, which is key when you’re in school. You can simply explain to your recruiter at the temporary staffing agency the days and times you are available. That way, they’ll only offer you assignments that align with your class schedule. At the same time, you can take breaks in between assignments to catch up on schoolwork or just enjoy a breather during this busy time of life.

Earn and train at the same time.

When you’re working in temporary jobs, you’ll be earning money, as well as gaining new skills. In fact, many temporary staffing agencies offer free training, so you can learn new computer programs and other skills, all without costing you money. In the process, you can expand your knowledge base and then put this expertise to work for you once you’re ready to find a full-time job.

Network and even get a full-time job.

Your temporary assignments offer the opportunity to network with professionals who could play a part in your future career growth. At the same time, if you enjoy a particular assignment and the company is impressed with you, they could even extend a full-time offer.

Interested in finding a temporary job?

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