How to Take the Pulse of Your Workplace Culture

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In today’s day and age, with a big focus on employee wellness and mental health, a healthy culture is key. Yet, how do you know if yours is strong and robust or on life support? Here are some red flags to look for that your culture needs a boost in the year ahead.

Red flag #1: Turnover and revolving door positions.

Some turnover is normal and there will likely be lower level, entry level positions with low retention rates. However, if your company is experiencing high turnover in key positions, it’s time to take a look at culture and find out the reasons why.

Red flag #2: A general bad attitude.

When employees who used to be positive and optimistic suddenly have a bad attitude about work, it could be a sign that your culture has taken a hit. If there’s a lot of grumbling, complaints, an increase in absenteeism, or poor performance, it’s time for a change and to look at how to improve the culture.

Red flag #3: All meetings and no action.

If you have meeting after meeting and no action is taken, then employees are going to get frustrated. Your team wants action, not talking a subject to death. If you’re not making decisions, they’ll leave for a leader who can move their team forward.

Red flag #4: Drama and gossip.

If you’re hearing about drama going on between co-workers or a lot of gossip, then it’s another sign your culture could be toxic. It’s important to put an end to this kind of behavior because it makes people feel bad about coming to work. You goal is to create a happy, dynamic culture, not one where your employees don’t like each other.

What you can do

The good news? If you’re noticing these or other signs your culture needs help, there is a way to get back on track. Before someone else quits, conduct “stay interviews” with your employees. These are like exit interviews. However, they are meant to stop employees from quitting.

The goal is to find out each employee’s take on the company, the culture and what you could be doing better as an employer. This sends the message you care and that you value your team. It also helps you find out what areas need improvement and why, so you can turn the situation around.

Is your team stretched thin?

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