How to Avoid a Scary New Hire

Scary New Hire

One wrong move can cost you when it comes to hiring. A poor-fit employee can impact morale, productivity, customer retention, and more. It can also be a headache and a hassle. Instead, hire the right person from the start.

Here are 6 ways to avoid a scary hiring mistake this Halloween season and all year long.

#1: Look at past hiring mistakes.

If you’ve made a mistake with hiring in the past, identify where things went wrong. Maybe you bypassed checking references or credentials. Or perhaps the person wasn’t a fit for the pace or culture of the company. Whatever the issue, find out what it was, so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

#2: Don’t skip steps.

Though you want to hire someone quickly, don’t be tempted to skip steps, such as calling all those references, performing background checks or conducting skills testing. You’ll be glad when you do make a hiring decision, knowing it can be made with peace of mind. Plus, all the steps will help you to identify discrepancies and warning signs, so you can take heed and avoid the wrong candidate.

#3: Create a list of warning signs.

When you’re screening resumes or performing interviews, be aware of some common red flags of a poor hire. These include a generic resume or vague interview answers, poor body language during the interview, or differences between their resume and their interview answers. Also, if a candidate is late, dressed improperly, or seems impatient or irritable during the interview, these are more indications you should steer clear.

#4: Test your top 2-3 choices.

Don’t hire without testing your top-pick candidates. This includes anything from formal skills testing to giving each candidate a homework assignment, so you can assess the quality of their work. If it wasn’t clear which individual is the right fit, this will give a stronger indication, so you extend the offer to the best-fit person.

#5: Ask for advice.

Don’t hire on your own in a vacuum. Instead, make sure others are involved in the process. They can ask questions you might not think of, or spot a strength or weakness that wasn’t apparent to you. Their perspective can also be an invaluable way to make a choice between two strong candidates.

#6: Test a candidate out.

Rather than extending a full-time offer, extend an offer for a week or a month, so you can see the person on the job and in your environment. This can further help you ensure you’re not making the wrong choice when you hire.

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