Ready to Attract Better Candidates? Here’s How with Your Job Posting

Job Posting

When you need to hire, you want people who have strong technical skills and the right temperament for the job. However, finding them during a worker shortage is especially challenging. If you’ve been frustrated with the process, take a look at your job posting to ensure it’s actually appealing to top candidates.

If, on the other hand, it’s simply a laundry list of your company requirements, your posting won’t stand out. In fact, since it’s a candidate’s market, the best people will look instead to other employers who better appeal to them.

So how can you create job postings that work harder for you? Follow these tips:

Optimize your job posting.

With smartphones and tablets, your job posting needs to be optimized for the web and mobile devices. If it doesn’t contain keywords and it’s not mobile-friendly, then you’ll lose out on the best applicants.

Another step for optimizing your job posting is to include keywords and phrases. Avoid catchphrases or hyperbole like “looking for our next sales star” and instead stick with clear facts and information.

Make duties clear.

If potential candidates read your job posting and aren’t quite sure what the role entails, it’s a problem. Instead, pick 4-6 tasks or requirements and list them out. A posting doesn’t need to cover every job duty the person will be responsible for. It should simply paint a high-level picture of what daily life will be like on the job.

Use project examples.

Another way to discuss the position and the responsibilities is to talk about past projects, or future ones that the person hired will be working on. This will give candidates a strong sense of what the job entails – and whether it’s a fit for them. You’ll attract more qualified people, as a result.

Skip the obvious.

Including statements like “must be able to meet deadlines” wastes space. Most jobs require this, so you don’t need to state it. Instead, focus on the tasks and duties that are a primary and essential part of the role. Only list must-have skills that you need, not those that would simply be nice to have.

Focus on the candidate.

Beyond discussing what you’re looking for, explain why a candidate should want to work for your company. Are you an industry leader, do you provide better benefits than competitors, and are you known for your flexible scheduling and excellent work-life balance? Whatever the case, make sure you’re promoting what sets your company apart, so candidates are interested.

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