How to Get the Most from a New Hire

New Hire

With today’s worker shortage, hiring is especially challenging. Once you hire someone new, you, therefore, want to get them off on the right track so they’re happy, engaged, and productive as soon as possible. To do that, it’s important to have an onboarding and training program that helps them feel like part of the team from the start. It should include:

A big welcome.

Make sure you are on-site and available to greet your new hire and welcome them to the team. Walk them around the office, introduce them to their co-workers and company key players, and give them a tour of the building so they know where to find the break room, restrooms, and other important areas.

An office that’s ready for them.

If you’re left scrambling when they arrive, it looks unprofessional. Avoid this by ensuring their office or workspace is set up ahead of time. Ensure their phone and computer are also up and running and that you have the proper credentials and instructions, so they can log in, set up their email and voicemail, and take care of other administrative tasks. It’s also nice to give them a welcome basket with a gift certificate to a local restaurant, company apparel, a mug, pens, a notepad, and other similar items.

Training broken up into bite-sized segments.

Don’t aim to train a new hire on their tasks and duties, or the company policies, on the first day. It’s too much to get done. Instead, break training up over the first few days or weeks when they’re on the job. Aim to explain the company policies and values, talk about their role and where they fit in, and then train them on key tasks and responsibilities they’ll be handling over a period of time. You can also pair them up with a mentor or buddy they can turn to for help and advice.

An informative first day.

The first day shouldn’t be filled with paperwork and training manuals. Instead, create a schedule to follow so it’s easy-going, informative, and even fun. After you welcome your employee and talk to them about their new start, give them some time to get set up in their new office. Then take them out to lunch with their fellow team members, so they can get to know them on a more personal level. After lunch, meet with them to highlight your expectations and ask whether they have any questions or thoughts. Finally, make sure they have an employee handbook, directory, and other items they can peruse on their own.

Open communication.

Beyond the first day, it’s important to keep the lines of communication open with your new hire. Make sure they know they can come to you with issues, questions, challenges, or if they need support. This will help avoid problems before they escalate and enable you to forge a positive relationship going forward.

The beginning of a new job is a stressful experience for everyone. However, when you make those first few days a more positive experience, your new employees will get excited about the job and the company.

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