6 Things NOT to Include on Your Resume

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Summer is a great time of the year to be looking for a job. Many candidates take time off, meaning there’s less competition for you for the best opportunities. However, before you assume you’re a shoo-in for your dream job, you need to write a great resume, one that persuades the hiring manager to call you for an interview. To do that, make sure you avoid including the following:

1. An objective.

Gone are the days of stating your objective. Hiring managers know you’re looking for a new job and it simply wastes space stating the obvious. Instead, at the top of your resume include a summary of qualifications or key strengths. This should be a bullet list of 3-5 skills or accomplishments that are most relevant to the position.

2. Hobbies and interests.

Unless these have something to do with the job or the employer, skip it. The hiring manager doesn’t need to know you’re an avid gardener or weekend card shark. One area to include is any volunteer work you do, whether you volunteer time or serve on the board of a local charity.

3. An unprofessional email address.

Whether it’s or an email address linked to your current employer, these can sabotage your chance for getting an interview. Instead, make sure if you have a simple and professional email address that is not connected to your current employer in any way.

4. Vague or unnecessary words.

Skip the “team player” and “strategic thinker” phrases and instead give examples of how you collaborate well or develop ideas. Other words to avoid include those like “utilize” when you can just put “use.” Bigger isn’t necessarily better on a resume, so keep your language simple.

5. Too much information.

That job you had delivering pizzas 15 years ago? Don’t add it to your resume unless there is some skill or ability you learned from it that is relevant to the current opening. Instead, focus on tailoring your resume around each unique job you’re applying to and keep it 1-2 pages maximum.

6. Exaggerations.

When you’re discussing your background or experience, don’t exaggerate or lie about it. The hiring manager can easily check your credentials. Even if they don’t and you get the job, you might not be able to meet your new boss’s expectations. Instead, be honest.

Writing a resume can be a challenge. But by keeping it clear and simple and focusing on the most relevant details from your background, you’ll go a long way in standing out.

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