“Why Should We Hire You?” How to Respond to This Tricky Question

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When a hiring manager asks: “Why should we hire you?” your brain might go in 100 different directions. How do you answer this question? Do you talk about what you love about the company, the unique skills you have, why your personality is a great fit or something else entirely?

It’s a lot to think about and why you shouldn’t wing it when it comes to answering this question. Instead, before the big interview day, make sure you think about why the company should hire you and develop a clear, concise response.

Even if you’re not asked this question specifically, you can still weave your thoughts into other answers, helping you stand out in the process. Here are some tips for not just answering this question, but acing it:

Understand why a hiring manager asks this question.

Every employer is looking for candidates who can fill gaps and solve problems. So, when you’re answering this question, keep this in mind. This isn’t a chance for you to talk about what it’s in it for you – such as advancing your career – but instead, what you can bring to the table for the employer.

Review the job description and match your skills to it.

Next, take a look at the job description again. This will give you a sense of what’s most important to the hiring manager when they’re screening candidates. Then think about your own skills, abilities, and traits that are a fit for what they’re looking for. What makes you stand out and aligns best with their needs? Start jotting down notes, so you can develop a cohesive answer.

Compose your response, focusing on strengths and accomplishments.

Once you have a list of your key strengths, then compose this into an answer that shows what makes you distinct as a candidate. Focus on any special skills or experiences you have that are different or unique. You can also discuss key accomplishments that demonstrate your proven record in other similar roles. In addition, reiterate your interest in the company and your enthusiasm for the role.

Here’s an example of a response:

“After doing a little more research on the position and the company, I’ve learned that you’re looking for someone who is a people person. A candidate who can interact with all kinds of customers and build strong, loyal relationships. That is my sweet spot. My past record of bringing in new clients at my previous employer and increasing sales by 15% in just one year alone is evidence of that. I plan to bring that same focus on customers and relationships to this position. I believe that is the core of good business – building relationships – and I am excited to bring that particular passion and strength of mine to your company.”

Whatever you do say, don’t be vague in your answer or say something generic. Make sure you have a specific example or even tell a story in order to give a meaningful response. Remember, there are many other candidates vying for this same role, and you need to stand out among them.

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