Should You Hire a Referred Candidate Faster?

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When you’re hiring a new employee, referrals from someone you know are still the best source for talent. However, should you follow the same stringent screening protocol you do for other candidates or speed it up for a referral? Here’s what to know.

You can often hire a referred candidate faster, but not because you’re skipping steps in the process. Rather, the process is quicker because you’re able to streamline it. For instance, you don’t have to spend as much time sourcing and reviewing resumes. Nor do you have to conduct a phone screen. You can jump right into an in-person interview.

That said, just because someone you trust referred a candidate doesn’t mean you should speed up the vetting process or skip steps in it. You should be just as thorough for a referred candidate as one who sends in their resume from an online job board.

Why? While a referred candidate might be highly talented and hard-working, that doesn’t mean they are the right fit for your job. It’s your responsibility to assess fit to make certain when you do extend an offer, it’s with confidence.

So, just as you would with any other candidate, make sure you:

  • Review their resume and research their reputation online by Googling them and checking out their LinkedIn profile.
  • Interview them carefully, asking questions that are behavior-based, so they have to provide examples of their abilities.
  • Assess their personality by asking questions, such as what kind of job environment they work best in. This will help to ensure they’re a match for the role and the company.
  • Get a list of references and check each one, verifying their job title and tenure with past employers.
  • Conduct a background check if you have the kind of position where it’s important to look into certain details, like a potential criminal record.

Even with all the technology at your fingertips, referrals are still the best source of candidates. And accessing them can help you hire faster. But that doesn’t guarantee you’ll always get a great hire from every referral. That’s why carefully vetting each one is still vitally important. You can avoid mistakes and reduce risk, all while hiring with peace of mind.

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