Don’t Forget to Onboard Your Temp Workers: Here’s How

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If you’re adding to your team on a temporary basis, you still need to onboard your workers. When temporary employees are onboarded and trained properly, they’re more likely to understand your expectations, work harder, and integrate with the team better.

Yet, when it comes to onboarding these workers, what should your program look like? Whether you have a formal program in place or a casual approach is up to you. However, it should include the following steps:


Letting your full-time workers know ahead of time.


If you don’t give your staff a heads up that new temporary employees will be joining them on the job soon, it can cause tension and concern. Your existing team members will wonder whether they’re being replaced and how to go about interacting with their new counterparts.

However, if you let them know ahead of time and why you’re hiring on a temporary basis, they’re more likely to be welcoming and helpful during the process.


Give temps a tour and introduce them around.


Just as you would with a full-time hire, make sure you’re giving your new temporary workers a tour of the workplace so they know where everything is. Also, introduce them to their co-workers and key players at the company. This will help them to fit in faster and feel like a part of the team, so they get up and running quickly.


Train them on the job.


Temporary workers need to be trained too. You might not require a comprehensive training program, like with a full-time employee. However, do make sure they are trained in their tasks and where their contribution fits into the big picture. Also, make sure they know your door is open for questions or concerns at any time.


Pair them with an experienced worker.


Give your temporary workers a senior team member to turn to. They can shadow, ask questions, and have someone to turn to when challenges arise. This frees up your time to focus on other business priorities while ensuring your temporary employees have the resources and support to perform their jobs properly.


Keep your staffing agency in the loop.


Your staffing agency does more than help you hire temporary workers but can also ensure they are trained and onboarded properly. They can serve as a guide and resource for you during the process, even handling some of your training.


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