How Can an Employment Agency Help Me Find a New Job?

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It’s a new year and a great time to start looking for a new job. If you’re stressed out about the prospect of going it alone, an employment agency can help. In fact, rather than taking a DIY approach to your job search, a professional recruiter can work with you to connect you with the right opportunity, whether you’re looking for temporary work, a full-time job, or a virtual position. For instance, they can:


Get your resume in front of more hiring managers.


When you apply to a job opening, your resume is just one of hundreds. However, when a professional recruiter sends your resume, the hiring manager is more likely to take notice. Not only that, but recruiters often know about the hidden job market. These are positions that aren’t advertised and made public but filled quietly, behind the scenes.


Connect you with better-fit jobs.


When you apply to positions, it’s tough to know whether the role or the company is really the right fit for you. However, when you have a recruiter working for you, they’ll learn about your personality, preferences, background, and career goals first. With their insider knowledge of local employers, they can advise you on which companies you’re best suited for.


Offer advice and guidance.


Job searches can be difficult if you’re handling them alone. Not only is creating your resume and cover letter a challenge, but when you don’t hear back, it’s hard to know what you’re doing wrong.

With a recruiter from an employment agency, though, you’ll have a partner and an advocate on your side. They can help you improve your resume and cover letter, strengthen your interview skills, and give you advice and guidance about your search. Even if you don’t get the offer, they can often find out why and help you learn from any mistakes made.


Help you find a new job faster.


You don’t want your job search to drag on for months. With an employment agency, you can find a new position faster. You’ll also avoid wasting a lot of time searching job boards, preparing applications, following up, and wondering how to get ready for an interview. A recruiter will help you in these and other areas, so you can save time in the process.

Once you find a new job, you can also stay in contact with your recruiter. In fact, they can serve as an advisor and help you in the future with any job searches down the line.


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