How Gratitude for Your Team Can Make You a Better Boss in 2022

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It’s been a difficult couple of years for everyone. If your team has stuck by your side and weathered the many ups and downs that have come along, you should be grateful for them and their resiliency.

However, if you’re not expressing your appreciation, then you’re missing out on a key opportunity to build a stronger team. Just consider this statistic from a Glassdoor survey: 80% of employees reported that they’d be willing to work harder for a boss that showed their appreciation. What’s more, is that 35% say they have never been thanked by their managers.

It might be why so many workers across industries are actively looking for new jobs. Given the challenges of life and work during pandemic times, people have realized they want more from their employers. This includes appreciation and gratitude.

For some managers, though, gratitude can be difficult to express. In essence, you’re saying you couldn’t have done the job without your team. Yet, this is exactly what you must communicate to them on a regular basis if you want to retain them. Making your team feel valued can go a long way in not only keeping them around but ensuring they are happy and working hard.

Here are a few tips for taking advantage of all gratitude can offer in the year ahead:

  • Say “thanks.”

    Whether you like to text, email, or in-person communication, get in the habit of thanking your team members for a job well done. Make sure your praise is timely and specific, so your employees know why you’re grateful.

  • Keep a journal.

    Start keeping a journal of what you’re grateful for. Whether you write in it at the start of each day or the end, or simply write down a shortlist each week, list the people and things that you appreciate. Writing these down and then reflecting on them can go a long way in boosting your gratitude.

  • Encourage your team to share kudos.

    Don’t be the only one sharing appreciation. Encourage your employees to do the same, whether through an online platform, a physical space, or a company newsletter.

  • Be authentic.

    If you’re not sincere in your gratitude, employees will know. It’s not about quantity and the number of times you say “thanks.” Instead, it’s about quality and truly recognizing not only the efforts of an individual but their value and worth as a person.

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