Tips for Hitting Your Career Goals in 2022

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With the New Year officially here, it’s prime time to assess your career and start setting goals for the year ahead. If you have some professional targets insight but aren’t quite sure how to hit them, where do you begin?

While the past couple of years have been challenging, the good news is there are many interesting and rewarding opportunities available that didn’t exist a few years ago. So, if you have big plans, here’s how to make them happen:

Set concrete goals.

You want to get a promotion at work or find a new job. These are great goals to have. However, you need to dig deeper and define the details of your goal. In other words, turn these vague thoughts into actionable steps you can follow on your path forward.

Make sure they’re realistic.

If you want a leadership position and you’re an entry-level employee, then this might not be a realistic target to shoot for. It can certainly be a long-term goal. However, achieving these larger objectives requires short-term, micro achievements first. To do that, make sure your plan for 2022 is doable. Otherwise, you’ll become disillusioned and scrap it altogether.

Develop your strategy.

Now that you have solid goals in place for the year ahead identify how you will achieve them. Do you need to start networking and polishing your resume before you begin a job search? Does it make sense to talk to your boss about stretch assignments and opportunities for advancement? Whatever your goal is, work backward from there, outlining the exact steps to take to accomplish it.

Tell a friend or family member.

When you discuss your goals with others, this makes you accountable. You’re less likely to push off the work or procrastinate as a result. You’ll also have someone to talk to about any struggles or frustrations you’re facing as you’re working toward achieving your goals.

Re-assess and make changes mid-way.

In a few months, take some time to check in with yourself and your goals. What have you accomplished? Do you need to add in steps or remove some? Has your situation changed in some way? Spending some time mid-year evaluating your plan and making necessary adjustments can ensure you remain on track and reach your goals for 2022.

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