Is 2022 the Year for a New Job? Here’s How to Tell

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Want a more fulfilling job? Ready for higher pay or better benefits? Are you interested in switching out of your industry completely? Whatever your specific situation, a New Year is a great time to reflect and think about making a change. If a new job is in order, then it’s also the ideal time to prepare for your search.

Yet, what if your next dream role is right under your nose – with your current employer? By leaving, are you also letting go of all that tenure plus generous benefits? If you have a job, you don’t love, but with a company that’s great to work for, perhaps it’s as simple as an internal promotion or new assignment.

But how can you tell? If you’re at a crossroads, here are some questions to ask yourself to identify your next step.

Am I too comfortable in my job?

If you’re afraid to make a move, is it because you’re worried about change? Are you bored yet comfortable at the same time? If you’re feeling stagnant in your job, then it’s a good time to consider a move that can expand your horizons. Otherwise, your career – and your skills – will grow stagnant.

A new job, on the other hand, can stimulate you in many ways and provide the opportunity to gain different abilities, meet new people, and work on more interesting projects. So, if there’s no room for upward mobility at your current company, then it’s time for a change.

Is there a job I want at my current employer?

If you look at your boss’s job and think, “that’s what I want to do,” then you’ll have a good indication of what to look for in your next role. However, if there’s a certain job outside your department or even your area of expertise that you want – but still within your company ­–find out how to snag it. Start by talking to your boss. Explain what’s going on and that you’re looking for more of a challenge or different assignments. Many companies love promoting from within, so it could be an ideal opportunity for your employer, as well.

Is compensation more than fair at my current job?

If your company offers above-average compensation, great PTO, generous benefits, and other perks, then it’s certainly worth sticking around to see if you can simply move up at your existing employer.

If, however, their compensation is lacking and not changing any time soon, this is just another great indicator that change is in order.

In the end, only you know what’s right for you. There are so many factors to consider beyond simply upward mobility and compensation, such as the work culture and your relationships at your company, as well commuting time, whether you can work from home and more. It’s why taking the time to seek out other opportunities within your company is often a good first step. If, however, you’re deeply unhappy for reasons that won’t be changing in the near future, then a New Year is the ideal time for a fresh start.

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