How to Thank a Manager After an Interview

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, gratitude is top of mind. But when it comes to potential employers, are you thanking them after your interviews?

You might presume that sending an email thank you or follow up after a job interview isn’t really necessary. However, it can be the one difference that lands you the job. In fact, many hiring managers report taking follow-up letters into account when they’re deciding which candidate to hire. Don’t lose out on this opportunity by not sending an email.

The question is: what should you say? Here are some tips to help you:

Write a thoughtful subject line.

Don’t leave the subject line empty or write “interview” in it. Instead, you can use it to say something like, “Thank you for the interview.” The hiring manager will be more likely to click on it and read it when it sounds warm and welcoming.

Extend your thanks.

Begin your email by thanking the hiring manager, by name, for their time and opportunity to interview with them. Be sure to include the job title you interviewed for, since many times, managers are filling a range of roles at one time. Being as specific as possible is important to stand out.

Share a comment or detail.

Did the manager say something that resonated with you? Is there a certain aspect of the job you learned about that you’re excited about? Is there something you forgot to share about your background or abilities that you’d like to highlight? Now is the time to discuss these details, making yourself a more memorable candidate when you do.

Find out about next steps.

If you didn’t ask about next steps after the interview, make sure you do in the email. If you did ask and the hiring manager said they’d be making a decision in a week, then you can write something like: “I look forward to hearing from you next week.”

Conclude your email.

Make sure you end your email following proper business letter writing etiquette. So, for instance, with “Sincerely” or “Best Regards.” Also include your contact information, specifically your phone number, below your name.

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