Your job search is stressful enough. When you don’t hear back after applying, it can be downright confounding. Is there a reason employers aren’t responding to your resume or application? Could you be doing something wrong?

It depends on the situation. Keep in mind, though; it’s a common occurrence for many job candidates. And when you don’t hear back, you tend to assume the worst: that you’re not qualified. However, there could be other issues in play, including:

  • A busy hiring manager filling many different roles.
  • The employer already has an internal candidate in mind for the job.
  • The hiring process involves many decision-makers, not just one, making it longer.

In fact, in general, the hiring process has become longer in recent years. Employers fear a costly hiring mistake and take more time screening resumes through applicant tracking systems and internal hiring boards.

However, if you’ve applied to jobs you’re qualified for and don’t hear back from a single one, there could be an issue with your approach. Common mistakes job seekers make include:

Sending a generic resume.

You should personalize your resume for each opportunity you’re applying to. You don’t need to re-write it completely, but you do need to edit and tweak it, so it’s as relevant as possible to the company and its hiring needs.

Mistakes on your resume.

If you have typos and grammatical issues on your resume, hiring managers will take notice. This sends the message you’re not a detail-oriented professional, which can hurt your chances of getting an interview.

You have a negative online presence.

Most hiring managers today will Google you and look to sites like LinkedIn or Facebook to check your background. In fact, around 70% of managers screen candidates on social media. If you’re not representing yourself in a positive light, they will take this into account in their hiring decision.

You’re not following directions when you apply.

If you aren’t applying the correct way, hiring managers may completely ignore your application. For instance, if they asked for work samples to be submitted or a list of references – and you don’t follow these directions – then don’t be surprised if you’re crossed off the list.

Likewise, if you email your resume instead of using the company’s online application system as instructed in the job posting, this can count against you. It’s why reading through the job description before applying is important to ensure you don’t miss anything.

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