Stop! Before Your Job Search, Clean Up Your Social Media

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When it comes to your job search, you need to do more than create a strong resume and polish your interview skills. Before you launch it, it’s vital to review your social media profiles and ensure you’re not making a negative impression on potential employers.

This is more important than you might think, considering the majority of hiring managers use social media to screen applicants. In fact, according to a CareerBuilder survey, that number is 70%. If there are red flags online, a hiring manager may think twice about calling you for an interview.

To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, here are a few areas to focus on and remove from your social media:

Unflattering images.

If you have unflattering images that might send the wrong message about you, remove them. It’s not worth having a hiring manager wonder about your background and your moral compass because of a single picture of you taken out of context.

Angry rants.

In today’s world, it seems like everyone has strong opinions. However, if you express yourself in a way that’s aggressive, angry, rude, or filled with curse words, then a hiring manager might assume that’s how you’ll behave if you’re part of their team.

Mocking or making fun of others.

A silly joke is one thing. But if there are posts that are mocking or bashing people for the way they look, for instance, then a hiring manager will wonder how you will get along with those who are different from you.

Other content that will make you look bad?

-Illegal drug use

-Discriminatory content related to race or gender, for instance

-Bashing a previous employer

-Poor writing and communication skills

-Lies about your background

-Criminal behavior

-An unprofessional screen name

One or all of these could impact your ability to get hired. Before you begin your job search, it’s therefore important to Google yourself and see what results come up. Also, review your social media profiles and clean them up where needed. This will ensure when a potential employer searches for you online, you’ll make a professional impression.

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