Boosting Your Relationship with Your Boss

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If you’re not happy on the job, it could be due to many issues. However, if the relationship you have with your boss is the source of the strain, how can you approach the situation and improve it? Whether it’s due to a lack of chemistry or different work styles, here are some tips for starting fresh.

Tip #1: Change your perspective.

From your point of view, you don’t understand why your boss says or does certain things. However, from their perspective, their approach might make perfect sense. Instead of getting frustrated, try to put yourself in their shoes. Think about the pressure, struggles, and challenges they’re facing managing a team. You only have to focus on your work; your manager has to stay on top of the entire staff’s productivity.

Tip #2: Connect with your boss in a private meeting.

Whether it stems from how they communicate with you or changing goals and expectations, sit down and talk to them about it. Don’t get emotional or angry; simply state the facts as you see it and how it’s impacting you at work. They might be completely unaware they’re causing tension and stress. So, communicating with them is often a good way to open the door to a fresh start, particularly when you need them to clarify goals and expectations.

Tip #3: Try to get to know them personally.

You’re not going to be best friends with your boss, and that’s not the goal. However, if you learn more about their background and their personal life, you might find out you have more in common than you realize. Is there a sports team you both love? Are they into classic cars like you? Do they run marathons or go antiquing? Whatever the case, the more you see them as people and can find common ground, the better. This can then set the stage for a healthier, more fruitful relationship.

Tip #4: Move on if it’s time.

When it gets to the point where you can’t change the relationship for the better, perhaps it’s time to move on. Once you’ve made the decision, don’t go around badmouthing your boss. Always be polite and keep it professional.

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