In today’s tech-driven world, you need a LinkedIn profile to find a new job. However, this requires more than just posting one and hoping for the best. You must be strategic about it, including making sure it’s optimized with the right keywords. This is how hiring managers and recruiters will find you. Without keywords, you’re not likely to stand out among the millions of other profiles that are online.

So, where do you begin when it comes to making your LinkedIn profile more search-friendly? Here are some tips to help you get noticed:

Review job postings.

Take a look at some job postings you’re interested in and make a note of keywords used in them. These are likely the ones that hiring managers and recruiters will be using to find candidates like you. So this is a good place to start to identify which words and phrases are going to be the most impactful on your LinkedIn profile.

Use variations.

Don’t use the same keyword again and again. Instead, change it up, use it in the plural form and add it to different phrases. For example, if the keyword “Microsoft Excel” is important to list in your LinkedIn profile, then make sure you also use just “Excel,” as well as “MS Excel” and “MS Office.”

Do some digging.

Beyond looking at job postings and creating variations of keywords, do some research online. You can look to industry publications, as well as companies you’re interested in working for. Read through their websites and identify any other keywords or phrases that are important to include on your profile.

Add your location.

If you live in a certain area and don’t want to relocate, make sure you’re adding in your location to your profile. For instance, if you’re a “Phoenix bookkeeper,” that’s an important keyword to include in your LinkedIn profile.

Be mindful when using keywords.

Whatever you do with your keywords, don’t stuff them. This is when they’re overused in a profile, and it can make you sound awkward and unprofessional. Instead, take a light-handed approach and simply sprinkle them throughout, placing the most important keywords at the top of your profile.

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