When a candidate looks great on paper and performs well during an interview, you might feel ready to extend an offer. Not so fast. Make sure you wait a beat and take a step back to ensure they’re truly the right fit for you. Hiring mistakes are expensive. Here’s how to ensure you don’t make one.

Evaluate their experience.

For instance, has their work history prepared them for the role? Do they have the right skills and abilities to be successful in the position? Are they able to articulate a strong and successful track record of accomplishments? What were their biggest mistakes, and how did they learn from them?

Evaluate their preparation.

How well did the candidate prepare for the job interview? This will give you a sense of the level of work ethic you can expect once hired. For example, did they ask important questions? Were they on time and dressed professionally? Did they have a basic understanding of the company and its mission and vision? A smart candidate will have prepared well before the interview.

Evaluate their personality.

If the candidate has the right skills and abilities, that doesn’t guarantee strong performance on the job or in the company. If their personality, attitude, habits, and beliefs don’t align with your organization, they’re not going to be a good cultural match. This can impact their productivity and also their job satisfaction.

Evaluate details from references.

Even if the candidate is impressed during the interview, don’t skip the important step of checking references. This process can provide you with more insight into the candidate, their background, their personality, and other critical details.

It can also give you peace of mind if the information you get aligns with what the candidate tells you. If it doesn’t, then it’s important to circle back to the candidate and ask about discrepancies.

Evaluate your instincts.

In other words, what is your gut saying to you about the candidate? While this shouldn’t be your sole source for making a decision, it should play a part in the process. If you feel uncomfortable, there’s a reason, and you should explore it. Making an offer without doing so is simply too risky.


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