Just How Important is Cultural Fit When Hiring?

Just how important is cultural fit

When resumes come across your desk, you’re on the lookout for certain skills and qualifications. However, are you also taking into account cultural fit?

Once you decide on a few top candidates to interview, you must assess them for your company’s culture. Otherwise, if you make a hiring mistake, it will impact their job satisfaction and your productivity and profits. Here’s how to keep it front and center during the hiring process:

Think about your culture.

In order to find candidates who are a fit, you need to define your company’s culture first. Think about the kinds of people who succeed in the organization. What personality traits do they have in common? Also, consider the leadership style, workplace norms and practices, and the perks and challenges of the organization. This will help you better identify the best-fit professionals during the hiring process.

Ask cultural questions.

In addition to inquiring about a candidate’s technical skills and abilities, it’s also important to ask questions that help you learn about the type of environment in which they thrive. These can include:

  • Tell me about the best boss you ever had? What were some of their personality traits?
  • What kind of workplace setting or environment do you work best in?
  • Do you prefer working independently or as part of a team?
  • What would your co-workers say about your work habits and personality?
  • What are you looking for in a workplace?

Promote culture.

During the hiring process, talk to candidates about your culture. If there’s a big focus on training, advancement, and internal promotions, then be open about it. If your company gives back to the local community in different ways, focus on how. If your company is more casual, corporate, or somewhere in between, make sure you’re giving candidates a good sense of what it’s like to work there. This will help them decide if your opportunity is right for them.

In addition, in the future, make sure you’re promoting company culture on your website and through your social media profiles. This will help you attract candidates who will align better with your company’s mission, values, and vision so they’re more successful on the job.

Need professional help hiring for your team and culture?

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