Didn’t Get the Job Offer? Here’s What to Learn From It

didn't get the job offer

Searching for a new job is stressful enough. However, when you find out you didn’t land the position you really wanted, it can be downright depressing. This is certainly a normal reaction, yet one you don’t want to dwell on for too long. Here’s how to learn from it and move on instead:


Don’t assume it’s personal.

When you find out the offer went to a different candidate, it’s easy to assume they were more experienced or talented. However, there could be any number of factors in play. For instance, the job might have gone to an internal candidate, which is difficult for even the strongest external candidate to contend with.


Think about areas where you could have performed better.

If you slipped up during the interview or didn’t prepare enough ahead of time, then make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. Think through your performance and any areas where you could have done a better job. Learn from it, so it doesn’t happen in future interviews.


Ask the hiring manager for feedback.

If you’re unsure why you didn’t get the offer, reach out to the hiring manager and ask. Be professional and polite and simply inquire about any feedback they can offer. For instance, you can say something like:


Dear Jim,

Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me last week. I appreciated your time and was excited to learn more about the company. While I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to secure the position, I do want to ask about any insight you could provide as to why. I’d love to be able to incorporate your feedback into my future interviews and job search efforts. Thank you again.




If they do offer a reason that pertains to your resume or interview performance, don’t get defensive. Instead, make sure you’re factoring that in, so you can make the best impression on future hiring managers.


Get help from an employment agency.

If you’re struggling with your job search and would like to get professional help, turn to an employment agency. You’ll be able to work with a recruiter who can help you enhance your resume and your interview skills, so you put your best foot forward. They’ll also be able to identify any areas that need improvement so you stand out and land a job you love.


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