5 Common Problems That Could Be Harming Your Company’s Culture

5 common problems

Today’s work environment is filled with pressure and performance woes. After a year of dealing with a global pandemic and the ensuing fatigue, many employees feel burned out and exhausted. This can impact your company’s culture and even lead to turnover if they’re not happy or feeling supported.

What are some common issues with the culture you should avoid, especially during these uncertain times? Here’s a look:

Problem #1: Untrained Supervisors

In some cases, when a worker is promoted, they’re not offered the training they need to be successful in a management role. This can cause issues when dealing with many different personalities and trying to motivate them toward the same goals.

Problem #2: Lack of Communication

More than anything, employees want transparency after a year filled with so many challenges. They want to understand the challenges ahead and how your company plans to deal with them. If, however, there’s a lot of secrecy and back door meetings, employees will lose trust. This can impact morale and confidence in the company.

Problem #3: Lack of Recognition

When your team is working hard and constantly adjusting to a new landscape at work, they want to be recognized. A lack of it can lead to disengagement and dissatisfaction on the job. Whether it’s a word of thanks or praise or a formal announcement in the company blog or email, make sure you recognize your people for a job well done.

Problem #4: Micromanagement

Managing a team means walking a fine line. You need to lead and supervise. At the same time, you can’t hover over your shoulders and micromanage. If you do, employees will feel like you don’t trust them and grow frustrated. It also creates an atmosphere of tension, impacting the culture overall.

Instead, make sure you’re hiring great people, training them well, giving them clear goals and expectations, then allowing them the freedom to achieve autonomously.

Problem #5: Gossip

Gossip might not sound like a big deal. Yet, it can have a negative impact on your office or work environment. It undermines trust and camaraderie. It also causes a negative shift that makes people feel defensive and guarded. When it gets bad, it creates a toxic workplace, which can cause turnover. It’s why it’s important to discuss it and take steps to stop it.

Creating a healthy culture is critical to the success of your company. If your staff feels burned out and overworked – leading to a negative culture – it may be time to hire. Let PrideStaff help. As one of Tempe’s leading staffing firms, we can learn about your company, culture, and hiring needs, then connect you with top talent that’s a great fit. Simply contact us today to find out how to get started.