Is Interviewing with a Recruiter Different Than an Employer?

is interviewing with a recruiter different

When you’re searching for a job, you might apply to a position that’s being advertised by a recruiter. If you get called in for an interview, is the process any different than if you were talking to a direct employer?

The simple answer is no; however, there are few considerations to keep in mind. Here’s everything you need to know, so you’re ready.

Be prepared.

Just as you would with an employer, do your homework first. If the staffing agency advertised the name of the company, read up on them. Even if they didn’t, make sure you’re reviewing the job description and thinking about why you’re a good fit. Be prepared to answer common interview questions and also come with your own. The more relevant you can make your background, skills, and experience, the better.

Be professional.

Wear a suit, just as you would with an employer. Make sure you’re on time and prepared with copies of your resume. If the recruiter asked for a list of references, bring copies of those, as well. Turn off your cell phone, don’t fidget, and sit up straight. You’ll appear more confident and professional.

Be aware.

The recruiter workers for the hiring company. They’re only going to want to present you as a potential candidate if you persuade them why you’re the right match. It’s why it’s important to come with examples of your accomplishments and explain why you think you’re right for the role.

When you’re able to discuss your abilities and strengths in detail, the recruiter will also have a clearer sense of whether the opportunity is right for you, leading to a better match for you and the employer.

Be honest.

Be honest with the recruiter about your background and experience. Don’t ever inflate or exaggerate it, just to get the job. Also, make sure you’re straightforward about any dealbreakers. If a job requires travel, for instance, and you have a young family, it might not be the right fit for you right now.

Likewise, if you want a job that offers more flexibility or the option to telecommute, let the recruiter know. Perhaps this particular position isn’t the ideal one, but they’ll be able to match you with opportunities that are right for your goals and lifestyle in the future.

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