Job Postings Matter! Make a Great First Impression With Yours

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You need to hire the right-fit people for your team. It all starts with the job posting. However, too many times, employers use a boilerplate one that’s generic and doesn’t attract the best talent. Likewise, they focus on their extensive hiring needs without promoting the company culture and perks of working there.

Instead, think outside the box in your job postings and create one that appeals to the top candidates so that you can hire faster and smarter. Here’s how:

Keep it short.

Writing an effective job posting can be a bit of a balancing act. You need to offer important details; yet, it won’t be effective if it’s too long-winded. Aim to make it clear and informative, and also concise. Think about your essential needs, including qualifications, as well as why a candidate would want to work for you. You don’t have to include every task or responsibility in it. Focus only on the highlights of the role.

Be transparent and specific.

If the job requires a lot of travel, be open about it. If you will only accept candidates with a certain degree, state that. If new hires are expected to go through a month-long training process, talk about it. The more specific and transparent you are about your needs, the better fit the candidates will apply. Those potential candidates who aren’t the right match will also be able to filter themselves out.

Highlight the right candidate.

What does your ideal candidate look like? Are they highly organized? Gregarious extroverts? Motivated to succeed? Think about the key personality traits, skills, and background that all paint the ideal candidate’s picture. Then talk about it in your job description. Again, this will help a potential candidate assess whether your job is the right fit for them.

Talk about what you offer as an employer.

There are many opportunities out there for today’s smart candidate. To attract the best people, you need to make your case as to why they’d want to work for you. If you offer flexible scheduling or telecommuting, then highlight that in your job posting. If you pay for training and continuing education, that’s another key detail to promote. Offer a picture of what’s in it for the candidate if they work for your company.

Need more help with job postings and hiring in general?

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