The past year was a difficult one for everyone. However, it’s a New Year and a good time to assess your career. Where do you want to go and how are you going to get there? Now’s a good season to start asking yourself these questions, so as the year progresses, you’re able to make the right career moves. Below are some tips to help you:


#1. Identify and set small goals.

Having big-picture goals is important. However, to achieve them, you need to break them down into smaller, bite-sized steps. You should also attach a timeline and milestones you want to meet to evaluate your progress regularly.


#2: Ask your boss for feedback.

Asking for feedback sometimes feels like walking into the line of fire. The good news is it’s really in your best interest. When you know where you stand, you can make improvements where needed and continue to enhance your strengths. You’ll become a more valuable member of the team, as a result.


#3: Keep track of your accomplishments.

If your goal is to ask for a raise or promotion this year, you need to start documenting your accomplishments. This includes anything from positive customer reviews to completing important projects on time. Big or small, keep track of your performance, so you can make your case when the time comes.


#4: Focus on self-improvement.

You might not have time to go back to school. However, you can read industry publications, blogs, and books and join an online forum. Staying on top of trends and new information is a key part of evolving and moving up in your career.


#5: Ask for more challenges.

If you’re growing bored or stagnant at work, ask your boss for a change. This can be a stretch assignment, a lateral move in your department, or to spearhead a new project or initiative. During it, focus on making connections and gaining skills to put you on track toward meeting your career goals in the future.


#6: Find a mentor.

If your employer offers a formal mentoring program, take advantage of it. Also, participate in any training or advancement opportunities. If there aren’t any at work, then look for those outside your company. Start networking and doing research on ways you can grow in your skills and advance your career.


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