6 Tips for Managing Employee Performance in the New Year

Remote Work

If your company is like most, the way you operate has changed dramatically since this time last year. You might have all your employees working remotely; some in the office and others at home; or your whole team on-site, following strict new protocols.

It’s a lot to deal with – especially when you still have to ensure you’re maximizing employee performance. How can you stay on top of it in the New Year? By getting back to basics and following these tips:

Make expectations clear.

If employees don’t know what you expect from them, both in the short-term and long-term, they’ll falter. To avoid this, meet with each one individually to talk about duties, expectations and timelines. Also, get together and have a conversation with your team as a whole to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Ask for feedback.

It’s typically the manager who’s giving feedback. However, it’s also important to ask for it, especially considering the unprecedented times employees have been operating in. To ensure you’re supporting them in the ways they need it, ask for feedback and talk about challenges, concerns, questions and issues. Doing so will keep you both on track and help to avoid unpleasant surprises in the road ahead.

Set goals and coach performance.

Each employee should have certain short- and long-term performance goals they’re working toward. It’s up to you to collaborate together to set them. In the process, make sure your employees have the knowledge and resources they need to complete their objectives. Also, consider offering performance coaching to increase their knowledge base, help them gain new skills and, consequently, enhance their performance.

Measure performance.

Measure progress periodically to ensure your team is meeting milestones. Doing so helps you find out about any small problems or issues before they escalate into bigger ones. This means going beyond the annual end-of-year performance review and providing regular feedback to your people.

Give your team more freedom.

If last year taught companies anything, it’s that employees can maintain productivity in even the most chaotic situation. It’s time to reward them for their ingenuity, flexibility and effort. To do so, empower them with more autonomy. Allow them to set their hours, choose whether they work in-house or remotely, and maintain a better work-life balance overall. They’ll not only be happier, but more loyal too.

Communicate regularly.

As the saying goes, “communication is key,” now more than ever. Don’t leave your employees worrying and wondering. Instead, provide a regular flow of honest information. When you share the good and the bad, they’ll trust you more and come together, stronger.

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