5 Tips for Leading Your Team into the New Year

photo of a woman thinking

This year has created a new norm for businesses and employees alike. Many companies are operating under a much different set of circumstances than they were a year ago or even a few months ago. How can you continue to work toward your company’s larger, long-term goals, while still managing through a crisis? Here are five tips for leaders to consider:

#1: Keep short-term metrics in mind.

In today’s economy, you must be agile enough to adapt to a changing marketplace quickly. This means focusing more on short-term performance metrics. This enables your company to pivot quickly, when needed, and recalibrate based on results. In the big picture, however, you should still be referencing your long-term plans to ensure you’re moving forward toward them, even if it’s at a difference pace.

#2: Identify the skill gaps.

Businesses have been forced to work in many different ways to get the job done and meet customer demands. Throughout it all, you’ve likely noticed skill gaps or needs that weren’t readily apparent before. Make sure you’re actively working to cross-train your team and help them develop their capabilities in areas that are important for current and future success.

#3: Keep up with communication.

Just like at any other time, communication is critical to keeping your team on the same page. In this constantly changing environment, it’s key your people are in the loop, so they know what’s coming in the short-term and what to expect down the line. In addition, make sure you’re remaining open minded and listening to feedback and concerns from your staff. This will give you the insight you need to make more informed decisions.

#4: Evaluate flexibility.

The remote workforce is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. It’s therefore important to start assessing performance in this environment, from what’s working to areas that need improvement. It’s also time consider whether it’s an option that makes sense for the long-term future of your company’s operations.

If your employees like working remotely or in a hybrid model, it’s worth considering keeping it even once “normal” returns. It’s also a perk that can help you attract better-quality candidates when you’re recruiting.

#5: Focus on bringing more value to customers.

This season has been a challenging one for companies. However, the most successful leaders stay focused on customers and steps they can take to maintain and strengthen relationships with them. To do that, ask yourself about new challenges your customers are facing, how you can adapt to or address them, and ways to better service them in the short- and long-term future. When you’re consistently adding more value, customers will remain loyal to your team.

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