5 Ways to Hire Exceptional Talent in the Age of COVID

Remote Recruiter

Remember the days of job fairs, face-to-face interviews, and office tours after? It seems those are over for the foreseeable future. If you still need to hire qualified candidates, how can you do so during these times of mask mandates and social distancing? PrideStaff, one of Phoenix’s top recruiting agencies, is here to help. Below are some steps to finding the right people and successfully onboarding them.

#1: Create a talent profile first.

Go beyond a job description to also creating a talent profile. It’s especially important to take this step since most recruiting activities will be performed online. Doing so will help you target candidates who are a better for fit your needs, boosting your recruiting effectiveness in the process. Some examples of components to include in your talent profile are:

    • Accomplishments and accolades
    • Number of years of experience and career mobility
    • Work style and preferences
    • Specialized skills, such as languages spoken

#2: Put the power of social media to use.

Social media has been on the upswing for years in terms of recruiting candidates. Now, during a global pandemic, it provides you with an ideal platform to cast a wider net and find the skilled candidates you need, whether locally or in other parts of the country. You might even have one already following you online.

#3: Make sure your careers page is updated.

It’s important potential candidates know you’re hiring. When you do, don’t simply list open positions. Also provide insight into the company culture and why a candidate would want to work for your company. This can be done in a number of ways, from providing office photos and employee-written blogs to offering details on the perks and benefits your organization offers as an employer.

#4: Create a clear recruitment process.

Finding a new job is more stressful than ever for candidates. Strive to make the process as easy as possible for them. Make sure they understand the next steps, when they can expect to hear from you, what kind of video conferencing technology they’ll need, who will be part of the conversation, and when you’ll make a final decision. The more transparent you are, the better the experience will be for each candidate, boosting your employer brand.

#5: Create a virtual onboarding process.

Today’s onboarding process might look difference than year’s past. However, it’s still just as important to engage new hires and help them become productive as quickly as possible.

Some tips for getting them acclimated include: creating a virtual welcoming event to connect them with their co-workers; assigning them to a virtual mentor; and developing an online database with the company handbook, employee contact information, HR policy and any other important documents in one place, so they can easily access it.

Need help from Phoenix’s Recruiting Experts?

It seems as if virtual recruiting and hiring will be the norm for at least a while. Embrace it and work to adjust to this new landscape, so you can find and hire the talented people you need. If you’d like help with the process, turn to PrideStaff. As one of Phoenix’s top recruiting agencies, we know where to find skilled people and how to screen them, so you get the best-fit employees for a range of positions. Contact us today to get started.