How to Find a New Job in Uncertain Times

COVID Job Search

You’ve invested a lot in your career and you want to continue to advance it. However, you might be wondering whether companies are even hiring during these uncertain times.


While this year has been one for the history books, the good news is there are many organizations still adding to their workforce despite the challenges brought on by a global pandemic. In fact, some companies and industries need people now more than ever and are ramping up their hiring function to support demand.


To help you navigate your way to them and secure the job you want, here are some tips and resources to consider:

Think “essential.”

There are many companies who are performing work deemed “essential” and therefore not impacted as much by past or potentially future shutdowns. In Arizona, for instance, some services that were categorized last spring as “essential” include: health care, human services, government functions, grocery stores, certain non-profits, media organizations, transportation-related businesses, financial institutions, critical trades, and manufacturers and distributors of supply chain-critical products. Try to focus on these industries and companies in them, which are likely performing better and hiring, as a result.

Broaden your search.

You might have your mind set on a certain employer or industry. However, if they’ve taken a COVID-related hit, you’ll need to chart a new course. Be opened minded and look into other industries or different opportunities. For instance, expand your search beyond typical on-site jobs to those that are more flexible or remote.

Do your homework.

Don’t just jump headfirst into a new opportunity that comes your way without doing your research. When you find a position that seems like a good fit, perform an online check of the company’s reputation. Go on sites like Glassdoor to read their employment reviews. Also, take a look at their website and search online for a news article about them. This will help you gain more insight into the strength of the company’s financials and what it’s really like to work there.

Get career help from experts.

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