Do I Have to Pay to Work with an Employment Agency?

Young Man Nervous about Job Interview

Finding the right job is a stressful experience. You want a position that will align with your skills and abilities. At the same time, the employer needs to be the right fit for your personality, career goals and other needs. How can you tell which opportunities are truly a match? The easy answer is with an employment agency. When you work with one, you’ll be able to take advantage of:

Expert advice for free.

Most reputable employment agencies in Phoenix don’t charge candidates for their services. The hiring company foots the bill and the recruiter is tasked with finding a qualified professional for the job opening. So when you work with one, you can take advantage of their advice, expertise and job network without cost.

Easier access to jobs.

Employment agencies are often the first to know about job opportunities. In fact, sometimes openings aren’t even advertised publicly and are simply sent to an agency to fill. When you partner with one in your job search, you’ll have access to a wider range of jobs, as a result, even those in the hidden market.

An inside look into employers.

You need more than a job you can do, but one you love with a culture that’s a fit for you. When you work with an employment agency, they’ll be able to give you an inside look into each potential employer, including their leadership team, employee culture, opportunities for advancement, and other important areas. You’ll therefore have a stronger sense of whether they’re a good fit for you.

Feedback you can put to use.

If you’ve been applying to jobs without responses, it could be due to problems on your resume or with weak interview skills. An employment agency will be able to give you objective advice and constructive criticism you can put to use. When you do, you’ll come across as a more polished, professional candidate.

That said, not all employment agencies in and around Phoenix are created equal. So before you select one, do your homework by researching them online and talking to recruiters from several. That way, you can be sure you’re partnering with the right agency to advance your unique career.

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